SOUL & LIFE Constellations

Unconscious dynamics, believesysteme and patterns from our  families and relationships can block us.

To recognize, understand and integrate those connections and the truth frees the flow of ENERGY & LOVE in your system.

Relaxed or stressreduced systems unfold a new creative possiblility and brings relief, peace and harmony into relationsships.

The statement „Movement of the Soul“ reflects this therapeutic, gentle, sensible, effective and spiritual process.

What is working in your life?
What is not working?
Do you want change & understanding?
Or is it all to hard?
Do you feel stuck?
Are you looking for clarity about your
life situation & possibilities?

Love Flow
Heart Connected
Find the ease in your life
Create Peace, Aliveness & Flow and Joy
in your life & relationships

Constellation Work is opening up to new perspectives, realizing opportunities you haven't seen before.
Constellation Work is like a magic light that allows you to disolve unhealthy attachments for a clearer brighter present and future.
Constellation Work allows you become aware of the baggage that you are carrying for others and by gracefully returning it to its rightful owner, gives you freedom and lightness in your life.
Constellation Work is removing, dissolving or accepting the obstructions in the river of your life so that the energy is fresh, clear & flowing again.

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DATES: dates coming up autumn
TIME:  10:30 pm - 5:30 am
LOCATION :   Starnberg
Balance: xxx,- Euro 

Family Constellations is like a magic light that sllows you to dissolve unhealthy attachments for a clearer brighter present and future.

Family Constellations allows you to feel the baggage that you are carrying for others and let it go back to the rightful owner, giving you freedom and lightness in your life.

Family Constellations is like a clearing point to filter out the blocking, decomposing facts so that the water is fresh, clear & flowing again.

Consider all of the drops of water in a pond as individual souls in a family network. When a ripple flows through the pond it flows through to each drop.

Tranquility is the peace that comes when the energy is in harmony and relations are in balance.


Relationships are perhaps the most important aspect of your life in terms of providing you with warmth and contentment and peace of mind. Your relationships in business, in your personal life and in your family, affect all aspects of your life, including the way you relate to problems.


What happens in Family Constellations?

The workshop is a group of people, who invite their souls into their mind and body to be present in a sacred space. To create this collective, archaic and ancestral wisdom and energy of humanity, is your opportunity to find peace and healing in the context of you in your family soul and the greater soul of your being in this life.

The facilitator holds the space, leads processes and helps you integrate to your highest possible benefit. The group is representing your family members. Through showing the connections / bonds to each other, dynamics are more clear. Blockages, baggage & other energies come to the surface, which are keeping you from reaching your full potential to live a happy life. Sometimes it can only be acknowledgement of “what is” and still there will be a great healing effect.

The experience and the new perspective of your personal setting is a profound therapeutic, healing & spiritual tool. It creates a big step in your personal journey or / and open up spaces you haven’t seen before or complete a process and be in peace. Future family members will feel loved and connected and free, not taking on what doesn’t belong to them.

This is a profound part of a therapy that is a shifting experience with life changing results - very established and popular in Europe and America spreading around the world. Based on Family Therapist Virginia Satir and Psychotherapist Bernd Hellinger.

A private session occurs with you and the therapist to fully integrate the development after the workshop.

Benefit / Magic of Family Constellations

It is very powerful and effective at uncovering the situation and providing new ground for change. Most people resolve their issue in a relatively short time using Family Constellations. We don't need the other family members in your issue to be present.

People can resolve issues in a short timeframe and it’s very cost effective.

The resolution ripples out and effects other people in your life in a relieved way, even though they didn’t attend.

Constellation is often referred as “Movements of the Soul” and as a gentle, sensitive, effective & spiritual process.

Exploring and healing family dynamics

The purpose of Family Constellations is to uncover the unconscious dynamics / patterns of your family or relationship with an unusual approach, so that present energy can be realised and desolved / unblocked where necessary. Stress released or reduced in the system reveals new opportunities & is sometimes just a relief. A resolution can unfold and many times on a surprising level. The focus for each member of the system to reach & acknowledge a rightful place in the group, take full responsibility for their decisions and actions in life. All based on a healthy and respectful connection to each other. This allows the natural flow of love in a system.

To uncover the love connections and truth between family members is it’s highest purpose.

The Knowing Field

The knowing field is the energetic field that forms when a client places representatives of the people of their issue in the room. The representatives in the knowing field appear to tap into the feelings supported by body posture or movement and sometimes vocals of the people they represent. This becomes useful information to the facilitator to show what is “out of order” and helps them to follow the field of energy. The facilitator guides the constellation including the process for the client towards an order in the system and its resolution.

Life Connections

The Constellation work is based on the knowledge that each person has soul or life force energy and is also part of the collective soul or life force energy of the family group & humanity.

Each member within a family group has an effect on the others in the system through the genetic trail or spiritual energy. We are all linked, all one. This means that the newer members can be greatly affected by what has gone before them in previous generations. Some contracts have been made or situations may have taken place several generations before your birth. They were perhaps not accepted or acknowledged by the family in general. This can be manifested as guilt or shame by the “greater soul” or life force of the family group and be taken on by individuals in later generations not knowing the original source. Mostly it is done in an unconscious act to hide the burden from the rest of the family and may result in such things as a range of mental or physical illnesses, energetic burnout, addictions or unhealthy relationship patterns.

How does it work

The client selects representatives for the people of their issue and themselves from the participants of the group. The chosen ones will then be placed in the room in relation to each other, according to what “feels right” for the client in that moment. The client observes what’s happening from the outside, as the energy of their family members is experienced by each of the representatives. It is amazing that the people chosen usually tap into the energy of the people they are representing, even though they know nothing about the people concerned or their lives or personality. When asked in a workshop how this happens, the closest idea I can offer, is that because we are all from one source, we open up to the energy (Knowing field) which connects us all , so we ”just” know or get the right feelings.

The facilitator is trained to see or asks what happens inside emotionally for the representatives or family group and finds the focus of energy. Through assessing the situation and seeking the covered or hidden dynamics the facilitator searches for a possible solution, rituals or resolutions. The person may be asked to take their place in the constellation as a final step.

Issues worked with:

Love Relationships - Marriage Family - Divorces / Separation - Readiness for new relationships -  Personal issues  Adoption/Blended Families - Living in a new country

Depression - Self esteem - Changing Patterns - Anxiety symptoms - Stress Relief - Energy Loss - Dealing with anger

Grief & Loss - Emotional flatness or Numbness

Parenting - Mother son relationship- Father son relationship -Mother daughter relationship- Father daughter relationship

Child of divorced parents - Teenage issues - Miscarriage - Abortion - Adoption

Abuse - sexual, physical, emotional - Sexual issues- Incest - Inner child healing - Weight issue

A Metaphor

Standing in the Light

There was a beautiful woman in her prime. She had a beautiful body and face, long silky hair and a very sweet nature. However if you put on these special glasses that allow you to see beyond normal vision, you can see that she has three large lumps on her body that are preventing her from achieving her dreams.

If you look really carefully with your special glasses, you can see each lump attached to a strand. One linked to her mother, one to her father and one to an ancestor that had a tragic life.

One day when the beautiful woman was walking through a forest, she came upon a clearing where the sunlight was streaming through it to the ground with an intensity that was unusually vibrant. She stepped into the light, basking in its beautiful cleansing quality.

She looked down at her body and for the first time noticed the three large lumps and wandered how they got there. She asked out loud, “how did they get there?”.

As if by magic her father suddenly appeared before her, saying. “It is mine, I now feel ready to hold it for myself”. As it moved over towards him, it disappeared as it merged into his body. He suddenly stood up, looking stronger and straighter looking at his daughter with great love that she had never seen before.

Next, her mother appeared and then her great aunt, both also now willing to taking back their own lumps. They also stood up with renewed strength and pride, glowing with love for her. In a few more moments the sun moved behind a tree and the light along with her family members faded.

A little dazed, the woman continued on her walk noticing that she was feeling stronger and vibrant with a warm inner glow and lightness that she had never experienced before. She also noticed an inner knowing and excitement that she would now be able to follow her dreams.